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October 18, 2008


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Christine Heinrichs

Brenda Box, married to a West Virginian, recommended A&E's production, "Hillbilly," http://shop.history.com/detail.php?p=70345&v=All, as the best she had seen. I intend to see it after the conference.

Christine Heinrichs

Robert Bullard has written entire books on many of the individual environmental justice issues affecting people of color, such as Growing Smarter, http://mitpress.mit.edu/catalog/item/default.asp?ttype=2&tid=11185, an anthology of essays on planning.

He noted that the environmental justice movement has spread internationally, to people in similar situations. Assessments now require that environmental justice be addressed.

"People who have the most have to give up the most," he said. "Even people who don't have cars have to breathe polluted air."

Christine Heinrichs

Marley Shebala introduced herself in her native Navajo and explained that her name means Where the waters come together, and that she is a member of the Frog clan. That introduction based her presentation in the deep spiritual beliefs of native people, that are ravaged by commercial exploitation of the land and the people whose home it is. She made the point that the boarding schools to which native children were sent were as much an environmental justice issue as destruction of the landscape.

When the mountain to which a native person has brought his sacrifices is removed, his right to pray has been removed with it.

She rejected the stereotypes that reporters rely on in covering native issues. Chris Bowman of the Sacramento Bee raised the issue of the reductions in staff that have eliminated rural reporters who understood their communities better than reporters who 'parachute' in to cover isolated stories.

"We need people to understand what we have been through from the beginning," she said.

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